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Living From Unity

August 28, 2017

Life is like a baseball game: we know intellectually that 'home base' is the Oneness we believe is the substratum of our existence.   From this home base, we then run out to other bases in our lives such as family, career, relationship, etc and act as a different being -as  the the one filled with conditioning, identity, type, that's how I am, and forget unity.  When the going gets rough 'out there', and if we're aware, we return to home base in an attempt to put things right again.  Like a default button 'oh yes, there is nothing but oneness, we are all one, it's all an illusion'   Well yes, this is true in theory - but it doesn't feel like an illusion when we are in a state of believing it's true and 'I am experiencing this drama'.  Unity is not a 'place' , a secret garden we go to  -  it is who we are - connected to everything else.  Why do we forget this as we leave home base and pretend we are separate?  This is the great game, the big show, the big leagues of awakening.

Epigenetic information vital to embryonic development

August 11, 2017

Epigenetics is anything other than the DNA sequence that influences the development of an organism.....epigenetic mechanisms are modulated by environmental cues like disease, lifestyle and diet and can switch genes on and off.....a mother’s epigenetic memory plays a vital role in her offspring’s development and survival...a mother’s (and father's) nutrition level at the moment of conception can influence the way her child’s genes are interpreted, creating an impact that can last a lifetime.

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